April 8, 2014

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To say that I was highly anticipating THE TREATMENT, would a major understatement. I read THE PROGRAM with my book club last year, and collectively we all went "NOOOO!" when we turned the last page knowing that we would have to wait, what felt like forever for the final installment.

The wait was so worth it.

When I started THE PROGRAM last year, I didn't know that this was just going to be a duology. It wouldn't have kept me from reading it, but I do tend to be on guard about that when I know. It's hard to get everything into 3 books sometimes, so I worry I'll feel like something was left out when there are only two books.

I should really be punished for doubting Suzanne Young like that. THE TREATMENT is the perfect conclusion to this action packed series. It needs no more or no less than what she put into it. The last 1/3 of the book was my absolute favorite. It's where things really start to get hairy, where you are left wondering what's going to happen and that sense of comfort you had drops out the bottom.

The new cast of characters we meet are endearing and in some cases fun to hate, even if only for a short time. Their necessary back stories are woven in perfectly never overpowering Sloane, James and even Realm….you didn't think this book wouldn't have Realm in it, did you?

The most powerful part of this whole book was the very last 2 words. I have never had a book wrap itself up so perfectly in two simple little words. It knocked me over and made me sit and think for awhile, just how perfect it was. The whole point of the book, the main theme just there, plain and simple for you to see and remember forever. And you will.




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